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Vinyl Flooring for Museums: Safe and Durable

Vinyl Flooring for Museums


Finding the perfect flooring for a museum requires achieving a special balance between design and function. While safety and durability are key considerations for flooring in any public place, a museum should feature design elements that are as carefully curated as its exhibits. For a number of reasons, many museum designers are choosing premium vinyl flooring.


Design Custom Flooring for Exhibits


Recent advances in technology make vinyl one of the most versatile flooring options available. High-resolution full-color printing allows vinyl flooring to feature ultra-realistic depictions of natural materials, as well as brilliant reproductions of artistic works.


Premium manufacturers will work with you to create custom floors. There really are no limits to the imagination with today’s vinyl printing technology. You can produce clear, colorful, and detailed images to suit any type of museum exhibit. An exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifacts could feature tiles punctuated with hieroglyphics, or a display of dinosaur bones could be situated on the floor depicting a prehistoric landscape. Is there an aviation display? Make the floor look like a cumulous cloud-filled sky. Natural history exhibits? Install photo floor murals that resemble a field of grass, a shallow tide pool, or autumn leaves on a forest floor. Cobblestones can take patrons to 18th-century London, or the moons of Jupiter can fly them into outer space.


Artwork is also easily reproduced, with intense color and fine detail made visible in tile. Replicate an Old Master, or make the space come alive with a repeating pop-art design.


Text is another option for custom design. Reproduce a page from one of Shakespeare’s folios, or place word accents to add interest and emphasis.


Advantages of Premium Vinyl Flooring


In neutral areas, you may wish to create the feel of natural wood. Realistic-looking vinyl tile planks can replicate the look of wood without the expense or maintenance challenges. Better vinyl tile manufacturers offer a wide range of wood lookalikes, from bird’s eye maple to American walnut, from antique finish to oak, all in a number of different colors and shades. Some companies also offer other natural options. The Canadian-based company LSI Floors, for example, sells vinyl tiles that mimic rusted steel, cork, stone, bamboo, and more.


Another advantage of tile is that areas can be easily delineated by varying tile color and shape. Guide museum patrons in a specific direction by using chevron tiles or paths of differently colored tile. You can even create different types of surfacing by using loose lay tiles, which match the thickness of carpet tile and can marry hard and soft flooring surfaces in multi-purpose spaces.


In addition, today’s vinyl flooring is safe and easy to care for. Premium products should meet or exceed standards for slip resistance by using a technology such as glass bead surfacing, which performs well even if it’s wet. Vinyl is water resistant and stain resistant and is easily maintained using only simple cleaning methods. Vacuuming and/or mopping with a neutral cleaner are all that’s normally required.

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